GAHA Meetings

Parents are encouraged to attend. Decisions here affect you! Meeting attendance is credited toward required hours.

Meetings held at 6pm on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the arena.

NEXT MEETING: Tues, April 1st at 6pm



Parents:  Please see new locker room policy




GAHA Positions Open

President & Secretary

These positions will be open for the 2014-2015 hockey season. The season starts April 1st. Job descriptions and nomination ballots are located on the drop box at the arena. Self nominations are accepted. We would like all people interested in the Secretary position to start being involved now. This is a vital position that does need some training, and Shauna would like to start the training now instead of waiting til the last minute. Any questions on either position please contact Tony or Shauna. Contact info is on the website.


Volunteer Hours and Fundraising Requirements

Greenway Amateur Hockey Association is run by volunteers and relies on fundraising to keep fees down.

Click here for volunteer and fundraising requirements


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